You are the author of your story.

You’ve spent your life doing everything the “right” way, influenced by your parents, peer groups, social media. The trouble is, you’ve fallen out of sync with what you really want in life. You’ve been holding it all together for far too long, at the expense of your health, your relationships, or time with the ones you love the most. Something’s gotta give – and it better not be you.

You may be:

  • A career-oriented professional who wants to live a more purposeful life and create a more meaningful legacy.
  • A parent, who has lost sight of who you really are. You’re seeking clarity and permission to put yourself first – a ‘coming home’ to self.
  • Rocked by a life event, questioning the future and looking for steadiness and ease.
  • Feeling that you are ‘not enough’, have untapped potential, or want to dive deeper and live your fullest, truest life.

You are the author of your story. It’s time for a page break, a chapter end; time for your soul to have space to breathe, to tune in, get intentional.

When we work together, we go beyond the hats you wear, the roles you play. We use practical and proven frameworks and tools to unlock your unique strengths and values, so you can move forward with clarity and intention.

Together, we’ll create a compelling vision for how you want to show up in life and work, so you can step into your potential and lead with authenticity and heart.

Our work together is customised to your needs

This is not a quick-fix or a ‘how-to-in-30-days’ solution – because:

  1. You do not need to be ‘fixed’
  2. You are unique and so are your needs

Here’s how we can work together:


90 minute session

We dive deep into your natural talents to understand what makes you YOU, the circumstances that bring out your best, and how to turn your talents into strengths so that you can perform at your best, in life and work. To unlock your potential, step into authenticity, the journey starts here.

Includes your personalised Top 5 Strengths report, coaching session, custom coaching action plan for immediate momentum.

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3x 90 minute sessions

This includes ‘Discovery’ and building on this we explore and get clear on your values and desires using Desire Mapping®. When you align your strengths and values in the direction of your desires, you create a clear vision and healthy boundaries for how you want to show up in life and work, so you can lead with authenticity and heart.

Includes your personalised Top 5 Strengths report, 3 x coaching sessions, custom coaching action plan and vision board.

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Bespoke 6-module programme

This is for you if you feel stuck and want to be free to be you, truly, deeply. This is mind-body-soul transformation: we peel away layers of expectation, identify and break through limiting beliefs, reconnect with who you really are and design a clear path forward for a life lived in alignment with that. This is truth-seeking at its best.

Includes your personalised Top 5 Strengths report, 6 x in-home sessions, 6 x recorded meditations, action planning, vision board and more.


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Other Services:

  • Custom meditations personally written and recorded, provided as mp3 files, to support the overcoming of challenges, integration of values, manifestation of intentions and desires.
  • Yoga therapy to support physical, mental and emotional healing.
  • Group sessions designed for the vibe of the tribe eg. coffee groups, soul sister circles, like-minded entrepreneurs.

What others are saying about Tui

“This really is a unique formula for authentic leadership in work and personal life!

“My strengths coaching sessions with Tui have been wonderful! I have gotten so much out of them : they were deep and insightful, but also highly practical and she gave me so many clever ideas to develop my strengths, while keeping my desired feelings and values in play – this is really next-level stuff. I love how she brings it all together – this is a unique formula for leadership in work and personal life!

– Lori Satterthwaite – wife, mother & creative business owner

“Her unique mix of empathy and determination make her a wonderful coach”

“Tui has an infectious passion for helping others. Her unique mix of empathy and determination make her a wonderful coach and mentor for healthy living in today’s busy world.”

– Kristy Simpson, Searching for meaning

“Tui’s teachings and philosophies should be in every home, every school and every boardroom around the world.”

“Tui came to me during what was an extremely difficult time in my life. I was recovering from a severely stressful business environment, which had led to chronic health issues. I was at complete crossroads professionally and needed to ensure moving forward did not impact my health or motherhood like it had in the past.Tui is truly gifted, not only in her understanding and empathising but her ability to hone-in on what my focus could be and taking me on a journey of discovery and realignment.Tui worked with me using her immersive strengths coaching process as well as customised contextual mindfulness, which allowed me to break down my day to day, remove the noise, and to focus on my needs, desires and what was actually physically possible given my circumstances. She has given me the shift I needed and I look forward to continue working with Tui through her guided meditations, one on one coaching as required and just being part of the inspiring community she nurtures online. Tui’s teachings and philosophies should be in every home, every school and every boardroom around the world.”

– Nyssa Berryman, Mother, Business Owner & Life of the party

“Tui has a natural ability to love, to connect, and to heal.

“There is a real want and burning desire in her approach to care for and understand others, though it is done with the most gentle approach. With Tui I feel safe to express myself fully with the knowing that it is taken without judgement and only with love.”

– Renee Cornwall, wife, mother, soul seeker

“She is extraordinarily gifted.

“Tui worked with me over several months to introduce me to meditation and life skills management.  The program was well structured and thorough.  The delivery was exceptional.  Tui spent hours with me gently guiding me, and during that time I came to know Tui as a highly skilled, sincere, caring and empathetic practitioner and life coach.  I came away feeling confident in using the learnings in my daily life and the knowledge that at any time I could reconnect with Tui for further coaching.  I am already reaping the rewards on my investment in Tui and her teachings.  She is extraordinarily gifted.”

– Mark Gray, husband, father, business owner

“She has taught me success is more than just my business.

“I have been working with Tui for most of this year in my come back from bowel cancer surgery & chemotherapy. A tough road made so much better by Tui. Tui listened to me and encouraged me on a mindfulness journey using many awesome techniques including Meditation, Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Strengths Coaching. The true mark of this having an impact on me, is the fact that many months later I am still 100% committed to Tui’s techniques and as a result am in a fantastic space mentally and am back to 100% health. I have reduced a massive amount of unwanted noise in my life and focussed on core things that make me happy. Tui is super personable, inspirational, and has an amazing ability to teach a unique mix of mindfulness & life coaching. She has drawn real goals out of me – not scripted ones we are taught by society. She has taught me success is more than just my business – it is in so many parts of my life I took for granted prior to going through such a major life event like I did. Even after enduring an extremely challenging period of my life, I feel happier with less weight on my shoulders than I ever have. I credit Tui as a major contributor to this.”

– Ant Ward – husband, father, business owner & cancer survivor

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