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Authentic leadership starts with knowing who you really are

You are more than your job title, your responsibilities, your achievements. You have core beliefs, values, natural talents to share and let shine. You have a life to live, a legacy to leave. It’s time: To reconnect with yourself; To compassionately connect with others; To celebrate each other; To create a compelling vision for how you want to show up in work and life.

Show up. Stand tall. Be seen.

My Philosophy

Human beings have two fundamental needs and this is what my practice is based on. For courageous leaders in uncertain times, people who want to rise, humanists with heart, and those seeking deep impact, I’m here for you.

My Values

Leaders I Love

Through covid, inspirational leaders have shown up with courage & compassion, providing stability, trust and hope. I spoke to some, including world leaders like this woman, one of Oprah’s super soul members – Danielle LaPorte.

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Authentic Leadership

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What others are saying about Tui

“Her presence and knowledge is awesome”

“Tui’s yoga class was an incredible way to find peace during the day in a busy environment. Her class is suitable for all levels and provides a great sense of connection to within. I would absolutely recommend Tui as a yoga teacher and for all things wellbeing, her presence and knowledge is awesome.”

– Bree Thompson, Health, Safety & Wellbeing Consultant, Vodafone NZ

“Tui is an engaging, professional, personable and thoughtful facilitator…”

“Tui is an engaging, professional, personable and thoughtful facilitator. She delivered a highly interactive virtual lunch and learn about Courageous Leadership to an audience of over 150 staff which was well received by all. During the session she exuded energy, heart and soul, and brought to life her own experiences along with Brene Brown’s philosophies of daring leadership and other current research in the field of leadership and wellbeing to inspire and motivate us. We also walked away with practical exercises and strategies that we could implement in our daily lives to be more authentic, courageous and lead ourselves and others during uncertain times.”

– Richie Wagaarachichi, Learning Design & Development Consultant, ASB Bank

“She has taught me success is more than just my business.

“I have been working with Tui in my come back from bowel cancer surgery & chemotherapy. Tui encouraged me on a mindfulness journey using techniques including Meditation, Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Strengths Coaching. Tui has an amazing ability to teach a unique mix of mindfulness & life coaching. She has drawn real goals out of me – not scripted ones we are taught by society. She has taught me success is more than just my business – it is in so many parts of my life I took for granted. Even after enduring an extremely challenging period of my life, I feel happier with less weight on my shoulders. I credit Tui as a major contributor to this.”

– Ant Ward

“Her work is science based and heart centred and you feel that in every interaction…

“Tui is wonderful to work with. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in people, teams, leaders and organisations. She’s a potential detective with her deep commitment to helping people drive exceptional performance, while maintaining a deep personal equilibrium. She unashamedly challenges the notion of accepting less than we should, by driving alignment to purpose with delivering results. Her work is science based and heart centred and you feel that in every interaction with her. As well as galvanising long lasting results through pragmatic tools, she’s genuinely an awesome person who’s great to be around!”

– Anna Campbell, Chief People and Transformation Officer

“A magnetic leader and coach…

“Tui’s greatest gift is her wisdom, compassion and understanding of people, especially mums. She is also inspirational as she made her dream a reality which is no mean feat. This gives her credibility as an activator of others and makes her magnetic as a leader and coach.”

– Jo Hogan, founder Slow Postpartum

“Tui has a wealth of expertise…

“I first met Tui when she attended my Yoga Teacher Training. What I perceived from her was an existing level of knowledge and understanding around mindfulness and wellbeing, which shined through in her teaching straight away. Tui has a wealth of expertise: from yoga, to women’s wellbeing, to lifestyle support, she has so much to offer. Tui’s ability to bring accessibility to the practices of yoga means that anyone, of any level of capability will be made to feel nourished and supported under her guidance. Having been in the industry for over 15 years, I recognize a natural ability to act intuitively with students whilst providing them a space of healing, and Tui is full of this gift.”

– Jennifer Allen, founder JayaYoga

“She has helped me reshape my perspective on life…

“I came to Tui at a time when I was seeking change in my career and life. I was despondent with the corporate world and not sure where to start or how to deal with the fear of making a drastic change. Tui is very talented in the way she works as she has a caring, empathetic manner which she marries up with her ability to ask probing questions to get to the heart of things very quickly – she has helped me reshape my perspective on life, and also helped to reframe what my future looks like and the mindset I’ll need to thrive. Tui is amazing to work with and I would highly recommend her if you’re seeking change in your life for the better!”

– Scott Lewis