I see you. I am you. We’re in this together.

We’re all different, but what underlies our diversity is our common humanity. As humans we’re hard-wired for connection and in times of isolation and vulnerability that need is threatened. The necessary response? Empathy. Wholeheartedness. Authenticity. Agency. I speak as I feel—literally, all of my straight-to-camera videos were borne of a moment of deep feeling and inspiration. In this way, I express to you the emotion and energy of my experience, and my hope is that it resonates with you. I don’t presume to know you; rather, to see that which is within you: our common humanity. The need to feel significant, a sense of belonging, stability, hope. Thank you to those who have contributed, including Danielle LaPorte and Dr Rick Hanson.

These are my offerings. More real and raw talks on IGTV @tuifleming. More business content on LinkedIn. Connect. I’d love to meet you.

Start here to dissolve grief

A meditation to allow you to sit in the feelings, invite in compassion, and start to find meaning. Inspired by the science of David Kessler & Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, heart intelligence from Danielle LaPorte, and my own experience.
32 minutes in length, allow a full 40 minutes to rest, digest, and heal.

Written and produced for you in my capacity as an advanced yoga & meditation teacher and a strengths coach, combining the science of strengths and my Dare To Lead training with the heart intelligence of Desire Mapping. A unique multi-layered combination that has the power to soothe and transform.

Produced in covid ‘home retreat’
© Tui Fleming 2020

Practical strategies and stories to strengthen you

A breathing practice to alleviate anxiety and ground your energy.

A story of how my Dad faced grave danger yet infused me with calm – and how you can do this for your people too.

1 simple strategy + 4 steps to lean into vulnerability and rise strong.

Why gratitude is medicine and how seeing the gifts in covid can resource your resilience.

Leaders I Love in covid

I talk to a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, creator of The Desire Map, and the woman whose website has been called “the best place online for kickass spirituality” – Danielle LaPorte.

This man has spoken at NASA, Google, Oxford and Harvard, and graciously agreed to talk with me. He is the world renowned expert in resilience and neuroplasticity – Dr Rick Hanson.

CEO of The Icehouse, NZ’s incubator for startups, this man is the Godfather of NZ small business and believes, especially in crisis, we need to replace Ego with generosity and inclusion – Andy Hamilton

He’s worked with global brands and creative teams but he’s fiercely kiwi. He’s passionate about our NZ heritage and in response to covid co-founded Manaaki to support the backbone of NZ – Pat MacFie

I was mentored by this woman early in my career. She’s a stand-out business leader, Chief People Office at Z Energy, and shares her 4 Ps of leadership (and a few tears to boot) – Helen Sedcole

NZ counts on this clinical psychologist for her clear and practical communication of the science of wellbeing. We talk values, agency, and she shares her model of CARE in crisis – Jacqui Maguire

A Partner and Owner at Wynn Williams, this leader joined the firm just 2 days before NZ went into lockdown. We talk disruption, trust, positivity, and a new order for law firms centred around connection and relationships. An inspirational lawyer and human – Katrina Hammon

CBRE is one of Fortune’s “Most Admired Companies” but it’s this man, the MD of its NZ arm, who I find admirable. Why? For his calm, considered, compassionate yet clear and directive leadership through a truly tumultuous time in Property and our economy – Andy Stringer

The owner and creative director of Blacksmith is a rule breaker and game changer who created the #fullyhuman leadership movement in NZ. Watch this for her proprietary model for energy & creativity management in crisis and many more insights – Kate Billing

She’s worked with Al Gore and trained with Brene Brown, showing up to life with courage daily. Here she shares the 4 skillsets of courage and the conditions of trust, and other qualities of Daring Leadership needed in crisis and any time of rapid change – Kaila Colbin

We talk optimism—and suicidal ideation. We talk curiosity—and FFTs. We talk creativity, the muse—and quietening her. We talk projection of the future—and presence. We talk unbecoming, unlearning—and showing up. Meet high vibing visionary – Cassie Roma

This psychologist provides advice on a global scale to the WHO and UN. We talk about the language of crisis, anxiety, psychological strengths… and the role humour plays. A fascinating conversation with a bright spark in a dark time for humanity – Dr Sarb Johal

This is the world’s pioneer and leading expert in self-compassion. We talk self-esteem vs self-compassion, using compassion to direct tough commercial decisions through covid-19, maintaining standards, boundaries, and how to practice it – Dr Kristen Neff

This Head of Organisational Change at Trustpower intrigues me with two concepts: congruence & posture. This is a deep and resonant talk on people, culture, crisis and change; on mobilisation and equally, ‘Tiaki’— a Māori concept meaning to protect – Olivia Rutherford

This is a Special One

A dear friend of mine for 25 odd years, since school days; a man who 3 years ago was fighting for his life. I can’t claim that the meditation I sent him during his first hospital stay saved his life but it certainly changed his life. It’s been my pleasure to support Ant over the last few years in his journey to full health and more esoterically, his journey Home—beyond Ego, status and striving, to his true essence. We talk mindfulness, values, feelings as a guidance system, vulnerability + courage, strengths-based leadership, and the effect these practices have had on Ant’s health and business before and during covid-19. A humbling summary of the work I do and have done with Ant, and an inspiring story from one of NZ’s Leaders I Love – Ant Ward


What they’ve been saying…

Throughout this crisis, which I’ve been calling a ‘retreat’, I have been receiving some wonderful feedback I’d like to share…

You have a gift for this…

“I love how many people are joining you in your offering of 7 days of guided meditations through covid, and seeing the benefits, Tui. You have a gift for doing this – yours is as good if not better than the international offerings. And just so you know, we really value you doing this for free in a time when we are all under pressure financially. It goes a long way… “

Ant Ward / Business owner, husband and father

Tui’s voice has such a nurturing and reassuring tone…

“Tui’s online meditation and coaching sessions during level 4 of Covid-19 were such a calming and welcoming break from the stress and worries of the pandemic.  They were a quiet moment of stillness and reflection, enjoyed also by my children. Tui’s voice has such a nurturing and reassuring tone, she has such a gift and I’m very grateful for her generosity during this time.

Melissa Elliott / Business owner, mother, life juggler

These sessions give me life…

“These sessions give me life, almost literally. I love tuning in, tapping into my intuition and turning down all the noise, especially as life feels a little louder this week as we leave Level 3 behind and step back out into the world. I really enjoyed your journalling prompts. Lots of areas for me to pivot, and also set some boundaries for my time and energy. Thank you for creating this beautiful space. It’s been so nice to recalibrate – so, so needed at the moment. “

Amy Willoughby / Wellbeing writer, creator, coach

I slept the best I ever have…

“Apart from the savasana at the end of a yoga class, last night’s meditation was the first I’ve ever experienced. So relaxing! Fabulous to ease me into sleep mode. But that wasn’t even the best part – I slept the best I ever have since having my baby ten months ago. Thank you! “

Sarah Humm / Samoan kiwi mum & yogi