Strengths coach, therapist, author, speaker, facilitator, yoga teacher. I wear many hats.

But as I hope for you, none of my hats define me in a restrictive way. I flex and flow, meeting people – meeting myself – where we are, with what we need to know our worth, to hold steady, to have hope, and to grow.

My strengths lie in relating, activating, maximising potential and leading people to a place of true belonging and peak performance – just as I’ve done for myself.

At 21, I began my career. I’ve worked out of corporate towers and start-ups in portacoms, with CEOs of financial corporations and entrepreneurs. I’ve been recognised, led and nurtured by visionaries, and so learned to do this for others.

My friends and family thought I was a “career woman”, another label that ill-defined me. At 31 I became a mother and so much more than my career. Boundaries were broken, my capacity expanded, my strengths sharpened, skills amplified.

I went back to work part time and began writing to make meaning out of how my corporate mind and maternal body were synchronising; how the whole was greater than the sum of parts; of who I am – who I’ve always been beneath the hats.

My words became a book, that book became a business, and that business a mission to give others permission to celebrate their true selves and become authentic leaders in life and work.

I wrote, I spoke, became a regular on TV, hosted workshops and retreats, giving, guiding, growing people – all the while growing myself. I trained as a yoga teacher, a CliftonStrengths® coach, a Danielle LaPorte Desire Map® facilitator. I was busy, but intentional; mindful of where I was heading, mindful of keeping well.

I am Tui. I value vitality and harmony, I want to feel strong, light and free.

I am Tui. I value independence and courage. I want to feel expressed.

I am Tui. I value relationship. I want to feel connected.

The yogic concept of sthira & sukha – steadiness & ease – is at my centre (and perhaps in my blood – my parents having first met at a meditation camp!). I know I can hold steady through painful times having lived through the shock and trauma of my daughters’ nanny dying suddenly and unexpectedly after being with us, second mum to my daughters, for 3 years.

I know how to navigate change, in life and in the workplace. I know pain, I know heartbreak, I know uncertainty, and I also know strength. I understand the resilience of the human psyche and body and how to overcome adversity, rise up and stand tall.

We are complex beings who think we’re not enough. But there is strength in vulnerability, and beauty in the flaws. We are more than enough because we are all more than we know.

I am Tui. I understand people and I understand business. I am your friend, confidante, coach and guide, trained and proven to deliver transformation in leadership and life.

Experience & Qualifications

  • 20 years corporate experience (BCom, GradDip)
  • 20 years yoga practice
  • Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher RYT500
  • GALLUP certified CliftonStrengths® coach
  • Licensed Danielle LaPorte Desire Map® facilitator
  • Brené Brown Dare To Lead® trained
  • Narrative Therapist
  • Author ‘Dear Mummy, You’re Important Too’
  • Podcast Host ‘Double Strength Mama Power’
  • TV3 parenting and mindfulness commentator (The Café)

What others are saying about Tui

“She is extraordinarily gifted.

“Tui worked with me over several months to introduce me to meditation and life skills management.  The program was well structured and thorough.  The delivery was exceptional.  Tui spent hours with me gently guiding me, and during that time I came to know Tui as a highly skilled, sincere, caring and empathetic practitioner and life coach.  I came away feeling confident in using the learnings in my daily life and the knowledge that at any time I could reconnect with Tui for further coaching.  I am already reaping the rewards on my investment in Tui and her teachings.  She is extraordinarily gifted.”

– Mark Gray, husband, father, business owner

“Tui has a wealth of expertise…

“I first met Tui when she attended my Yoga Teacher Training. What I perceived from her was an existing level of knowledge and understanding around mindfulness and wellbeing, which shined through in her teaching straight away. Tui has a wealth of expertise: from yoga, to women’s wellbeing, to lifestyle support, she has so much to offer. Tui’s ability to bring accessibility to the practices of yoga means that anyone, of any level of capability will be made to feel nourished and supported under her guidance. Having been in the industry for over 15 years, I recognize a natural ability to act intuitively with students whilst providing them a space of healing, and Tui is full of this gift.”

– Jennifer Allen, founder JayaYoga

“She is an activator of others, with magnetism as a leader and coach.

“Tui’s greatest gift is her wisdom, compassion and understanding of people, especially mums. She is also inspirational as she made her dream a reality which is no mean feat, and this gives her credibility as an activator of others, and magnetism as a leader and coach. I recommend her to all my clients.”

– Jojo Hogan, founder Slow Postpartum