Sleep. Let me help you (with a free meditation).

Tui Fleming With Her Book Dear Mummy Available Online at

Sleep. Such a beautiful word. It conjures up feelings of softness, stillness, imaginings, possibilities. Unicorns, princesses, knights in shining armour, the man or woman of your dreams. Ecstatic sex, or maybe the most scintillating of conversations. Still lakes, glistening horizons, flying, then – falling… into a puff of billowy clouds. The promise of a future, […]

The “too much” woman, musings on IWD 2019

I came across this poem via an Embodiment Mentor of mine. At first I thought she was writing about herself – but I could see so much of myself in her words. Then as I read on, I realised it was a poem about so many of us, not just accepting but CELEBRATING us in […]