What we can learn from 7 year olds

Picture this:

25 seven year olds sitting in a circle on the mat in the classroom.
One at a time, they turned to the person next to them and said one thing about that person that they’re grateful for… “he helps me with maths”… “she notices when I’m lonely and plays with me”… “he’s sensible”… “she’s brave”… “he’s funny”… “she gives good hugs”.
Then, I asked them to close their eyes, focus on their breath, settle into their bodies and listen mindfully while their teacher told them why she’s grateful for them as a collective class. I asked them to let the words sink in and feel what those words feel like in their bodies. This is what they said:


“It felt like swimming in an ocean of Valentines”

“It felt like a party in my body”

“It felt like my heart kept getting bigger and bigger”

“It felt like a celebration”


The energy was palpable. The vibration was high. The smiles were beautiful.

My heart swelled listening to them. It is a privilege to guide these little humans to feel expansion, connected, part of a meaningful collective.


I’m learning, every day, that connection, union, and collective consciousness is the core of it all. We need others to reflect back to us who we are. We need others to bear witness to our lives. When we are seen, we feel significant, and we have a sense of belonging. When we share—thoughts, emotions, energy—we can feel resonance and a deep sense of comfort.


It’s why I work with children—they ‘get’ this intuitively and if we can strengthen those neural pathways they’ll develop to be naturally grateful, which yields optimism, compassion, reduces anxiety, stress, and loads of other benefits.

It’s why I encourage businesses to gather groups for mindfulness—and the B:Hive at Smales Farm, CBRE and Kiwibank are on board with me. Kudos to them.

It’s why I design events for individuals to attend, but as part of an energetic collective(like this one coming up) and why there are always one or two people who shed tears at my events: it’s a safe space where people are enveloped in love and permission to peel away the layers, face the fears, and remember: YOU—who you are, what you desire.

It’s why I do what I do, and love it. I left a lucrative job last year to focus on my practice full time. It hasn’t brought in the same income, but it has brought in a well of meaning, depths of connection, and a richness so vast I simply can’t compare. I’m getting to know who I am and why I’m here. I feel inspired and grateful daily. And I have time to spare, to give to my children and their classmates and the community. To change lives, one little heart and soul at a time, is simply magic.

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