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What we can learn from 7 year olds

Picture this: 25 seven year olds sitting in a circle on the mat in the classroom. One at a time, they turned to the person next to them and said one thing about that person that they’re grateful for… “he helps me with maths”… “she notices when I’m lonely and plays with me”… “he’s sensible”… […]

My heart, exposed, for your ears

This is the most in-depth, personal interview I’ve ever given, in the 3+ years I’ve been in business.   And it’s on the international stage, on a podcast show that has an archive of over 700 episodes. I’m in company with well known authors, successful entrepreneurs, world class artists, social scientists… “and people who are […]

The “too much” woman, musings on IWD 2019

I came across this poem via an Embodiment Mentor of mine. At first I thought she was writing about herself – but I could see so much of myself in her words. Then as I read on, I realised it was a poem about so many of us, not just accepting but CELEBRATING us in […]