Home in my heart – a poem

A moment of unexpected flow today, gave birth to this poem.


Sitting in what I’ve always called my “Soul Space” today – Whangamata, the place I was conceived, the place I have holidayed in throughout my childhood, adulthood and now where I bring my own children. Sitting here, and reading a copy of Womankind Magazine, I was inspired by a quote within it:


‘My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.’
– Marcel Proust


Inspiration struck, the words flowed out of me and 10 minutes later I have this. Is it a poem? Musings? A stream of consciousness of where I am right now? Whatever it is, it’s full of feeling and it came from within. Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book ‘Big Magic’, talks about creativity being an entity that flows through us. I think that’s what just happened – what always happens, in fact, when I write my blogs too. Nothing to do now but to publish it, as is, raw, unedited. And see where it takes me, and where it might take you.


As always, sharing a piece of me, to connect with you, my readers, my tribe, my soul supporters,
with thanks for being on this journey with me,
Tui xx


Home in my Heart


Where there were eyes, I see Soul

their depths like deep, dark lakes:

yearning –

for connection.


Where there was love, there is still love,

but not a concept; a thing to have.

Now it’s energy, vibration, union,

at depths and in ways only my aged self can know.


Where there was age, there is wisdom,



and clarity.


Where there was loneliness, there is solitude;

space to just Be,

to connect, to create,

to honour mind, body, soul.


Where there was judgement, there is understanding,





Still, I’m not perfect.

I default sometimes to that striving perfectionist.

That’s human. I’m human.

But I do it with awareness, and I seek to Let go…


Let go of the armour

There’s a way out –

Out through the in;

In through the heart


I have arrived.

I’m aligned with my Soul.

Harmony, my core.

Embodied, I’m whole.


My eyes are wide open, and my Soul is happy.

Here I am at my destination:

at Home,

in my Heart.



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