My heart, exposed, for your ears

This is the most in-depth, personal interview I’ve ever given, in the 3+ years I’ve been in business.


And it’s on the international stage, on a podcast show that has an archive of over 700 episodes. I’m in company with well known authors, successful entrepreneurs, world class artists, social scientists… “and people who are up to amazing and unmistakable things in the world”. Oh, and also bank robbers.


Initially, to be asked was a thrill (hello again, Ego). But the actual act of connecting with Srini, the host, of hearing his bold and unexpected questions, of closing my eyes and feeling my way through my answers… my Soul emerged. My heart spoke. I think you can hear that in my voice. Especially the part where I cried. You won’t hear sobbing, just perhaps, ever so slightly (coz I held it together) the crack or wobble of my voice, as a few silent tears rolled down my cheeks.


Here it is, my heart, exposed, for your ears.

You can also listen on apple Podcasts.


It’s a solid hour, so save this for a time when you can have a bath, or settle into the couch with a cuppa, or maybe take a revitalising walk along the beach. I do hope that my words inspire. I would love to know what you think – please do comment below. As always, you’re invited to share, to connect, to express yourself, just as I do myself.


Oh, and in the show notes you’ll find a link to a free downloadable meditation from me called: The Art of Self. 


Tui xx





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