Get still to Feel… Vibration. Attraction. Abundance.

Since I last blogged,

I’ve been quiet. Really quiet.

I’ve been still. I haven’t even practiced much of my beloved yoga.

I’ve been listening. To my body, to my heart, to the vibrations around me and of me.


Don’t worry. I’m not going to get all other-worldly. My modus operandi with Dear Mummy is to make mindfulness and energy work accessible and practical to all.  Your ‘vibration’ is just a fancy way of describing your overall state of being.


The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates – everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing rests. Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another, and so are you. The Law of Vibration is the foundation for the Law of Attraction. Meaning simply, the energy you give out, will attract the same energy back.


An example:

The positive energy of gratitude raises your vibration to a higher state. When you practice gratitude you may feel lighter, less burdened, free, for some a deep sense of peace and love.


A little side story:

We practice gratitude in our household. Not only to manifest a light, free and happy home, but because I think it’s such an important concept for children in this era of material abundance, so much ‘stuff’. The other day I was walking Olive and Lily to school and suggested we each say 3 things we were grateful for. How’s this for different personalities and the truth that comes from the mouths of babes, in this case the universal truth from my little one:

Olive, age 6:

“I’m grateful for all my friends, that mummy and daddy let me watch TV, [*cringe*], and for my bike.”

Lily, age 5:

“I’m grateful for fruit, for water, that I have a mummy and daddy who love me.”


Children are the ultimate leveller. And they are our best teachers.


So for the last 6 months – after 3 incredibly busy years writing, producing, launching my book & business, training as a yoga teacher and coach, and working part time while raising little humans – I’ve been going slow, taking in nature, getting grounded at the beach, spending more time with my daughters, experiencing life through their eyes, watching, listening, softening, BEING.


I love the paradigm shift of HAVE-DO-BE to BE-DO-HAVE.


This is how many of us typically think:

When I finally HAVE __________ (enough money, enough time, enough energy, the perfect body) then I will DO ___________ (read more, sleep more, worry less, compare less) and I will BE __________(happy, secure, free, joyful, the person I want to be).


Sound familiar? You’re not alone. It’s where I’ve been. It’s where so many of us have been, and still are. But it doesn’t serve us. It’s a disempowering way of thinking because it assumes and relies on being fulfilled by external factors. Don’t get me wrong, I like nice clothes, good food, fine wine, holidays. But none of those things mean anything if I’m not in my best state of being; if I’m not content enough with myself that I feel free to wear my clothes with sass, eat my food with wild abandon and no concern for my weight, savour fine wine, immerse myself fully in every moment of a holiday.


So I prefer the alternative which begins with BEING what you want to be:

You must BE loving in order to DO loving things in order for you to HAVE love in your world.
You must BE vulnerable in order to DO help-seeking actions so that you can HAVE connection in your life.

You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.  That’s the Law of Attraction, and when you are vibrating positive energy, through practices of gratitude, mindfulness, presence, you attract all of that goodness back.  That’s the abundance I’m channeling: abundance of positive energy, abundance of all the feelings that I want.


I want to feel strong and steady in my body, in my beliefs, in my intentions.

I want to feel light, soft, grace, so that I can flex and flow with life.

I want to feel expressed for all that I am.

I want to feel free to explore opportunities, ideas, our roads / bushes / beaches / nature.

I want to feel connected, not through digital devices but through sharing real space & time.


Side story:

After my last blog, a woman I didn’t know emailed me. She said she was compelled to as she was feeling the same as me. That email outreach led to a cup of tea in a cafe, and boom, we connected instantly – in Real Space, Real Time. On the flip side I saw a raw and revealing instagram post, sent a direct message, and she and I are meeting up next week. 


It’s not that I have so much spare time. I don’t. But I know how I want to feel, who I want to be, and what I value. These feelings are the road signs to my soul and I’ve been listening.


This piece of writing allows me to feel expressed. As with all of my writing, it’s happened spontaneously, without planning, on a rainy Queens Birthday Monday afternoon. It has been a blog that’s a bit about me; a stream of consciousness of where I’ve been these last few months & why I’ve been so quiet. And a blog that hopefully provokes your thinking, perhaps changes your perspective, and invites you to ponder how YOU want to feel, who YOU want to BE.


If you want to share your pondering, please do. Comment below, post in the Facebook community or email [email protected].



With love,

Tui xx




2 thoughts on “Get still to Feel… Vibration. Attraction. Abundance.

  1. Julie says:

    Love the concept of ‘be-do-have’ – I have heard similar sentiments before but not spelled out as well as this. Saving this article to read again.

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