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Authentic leadership starts with knowing who you really are

You are more than your job title, your responsibilities, your achievements. You have core beliefs, values, natural talents to share and let shine. You have a life to live, a legacy to leave. It’s time: To reconnect with yourself; To compassionately connect with others; To celebrate each other; To create a compelling vision for how you want to show up in work and life.

Show up. Stand tall. Be seen.

My Philosophy

Human beings have two fundamental needs and this is what my practice is based on. For courageous leaders in uncertain times, people who want to rise, humanists with heart, and those seeking deep impact, I’m here for you.

My Values

Leaders I Love

Through covid, inspirational leaders have shown up with courage & compassion, providing stability, trust and hope. I spoke to some, including world leaders like this woman, one of Oprah’s super soul members – Danielle LaPorte.

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Authentic Leadership

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What others are saying about Tui

“Her presence and knowledge is awesome”

“Tui’s yoga class was an incredible way to find peace during the day in a busy environment. Her class is suitable for all levels and provides a great sense of connection to within. I would absolutely recommend Tui as a yoga teacher and for all things wellbeing, her presence and knowledge is awesome.”

– Bree Thompson, Health, Safety & Wellbeing Consultant, Vodafone NZ

“Integrity, honesty, authenticity, warmth, compassion, heartfelt

“… are just a few of the words that come to my mind when I think of Tui. She is a person that instantly makes anyone feel comfortable, and this is an essential skill when working one on one and with groups of women. I engaged Tui to host an inspiring evening for a group of women in Marlborough in March 2018. It was a special evening of opening and emotion, brought about by the wonderful vibe Tui brings to a room. After the event guests said they felt relaxed, revived, energised and inspired to make positive changes in their lives.”

– Nadine Hickman, co-founder Pep Talk Media

“Tui has a natural ability to love, to connect, and to heal.

“There is a real want and burning desire in her approach to care for and understand others, though it is done with the most gentle approach. With Tui I feel safe to express myself fully with the knowing that it is taken without judgement and only with love.”

– Renee Cornwall, wife, mother, soul seeker

“She has taught me success is more than just my business.

“I have been working with Tui in my come back from bowel cancer surgery & chemotherapy. Tui encouraged me on a mindfulness journey using techniques including Meditation, Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Strengths Coaching. Tui has an amazing ability to teach a unique mix of mindfulness & life coaching. She has drawn real goals out of me – not scripted ones we are taught by society. She has taught me success is more than just my business – it is in so many parts of my life I took for granted. Even after enduring an extremely challenging period of my life, I feel happier with less weight on my shoulders. I credit Tui as a major contributor to this.”

– Ant Ward – husband, father, business owner & cancer survivor