Your worth is the pathway to your wellbeing

Thank you for being here. I’ve been waiting for you. The time is upon us to lead with the intelligence of the heart: to lead ourselves, our families, our work teams, and communities.

Knowing ourselves deeply, meeting ourselves and others with compassion, being brave and vulnerable and feeling welcomed… these are the whispers of our worth, and our worth is the pathway to our wellbeing.

Hear the whisper. Listen to your heart. I’ll guide you. 

Hi, I’m Tui

I’m a coach, consultant, author and speaker. I help organisations build stability for agility. I also help individuals soften their inner critic so they can step into their full potential. This is about emotional culture, daring leadership and ultimately, wellbeing.

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Authentic leadership means knowing your values and strengths, and honouring them with intention and integrity. To know yourself is to meet the greatest friend you’ll ever have. With this clarity comes stability. With stability comes agility. With agility comes new reservoirs of resilience.


We live in a world of critics, the loudest of which resides in our head. We live in a world of uncertainty, and suicides resulting daily. Underneath it all lies a common humanity that is suffering. With compassion, we can liberate the curious minds, creative thinkers, and daring leaders we need right now.


We’re getting more inclusive of people and cultures, but what about emotions? Permission to feel gives us permission to be human, to better understand the invisible threads that bind us. With a strong emotional culture we are more happy and inspired, and less burnt out.

“She’s opened our peoples’ minds to what ‘wellbeing’ means”

– Kirstin Cooper, CBRE

Some organisations I’ve helped..

“She galvanises long lasting results through pragmatic tools”

– Anna Campbell, Mitre 10


Leaders I Love Series

Through covid, inspirational leaders have shown up with courage & compassion, providing stability, trust and hope. Leaders like Danielle LaPorte, Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Marc Brackett, as well as local activists and experts like Cassie Roma, Kate Billing, Dr Sarb Johal and many more!