Sleep. Let me help you (with a free meditation).

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Sleep. Such a beautiful word. It conjures up feelings of softness, stillness, imaginings, possibilities.

Unicorns, princesses, knights in shining armour,

the man or woman of your dreams.

Ecstatic sex, or maybe the most scintillating of conversations.

Still lakes, glistening horizons, flying, then –

falling… into a puff of billowy clouds.

The promise of a future, that begins with another day.

Or is it Groundhog Day, and are you falling, falling, smack bang into it?

Is ‘another day’ just another day of toughing it, grinding it, sweating it, in the pursuit of ‘getting it all done’. In the pursuit of ‘success’. Is ‘another day’ a continuation of the day before, bringing with it the remnants, or the wild overflow of emotions that weren’t properly put to bed the night before: maybe an argument, a turned back, a deep sigh.

Well, the day you wake up to is your choice. And it’s my choice.

Between action and reaction there is a space; a moment that you can choose how you move forward. Maybe the argument happened – then there’s a space… maybe the back was turned – then there’s another space… maybe a deep sigh was had – and STILL there is another space in which to choose your next move. The best move I think we can make before sleep, is to give ourselves permission to forgive and to let go of the day’s events in order to make space for the promise of tomorrow. Now this is easier said than done (believe me, I know: I’ve been to sleep with the turned back and the deep sigh!), so that’s why I’ve recorded a body scan meditation that I’m offering free to you.


In this meditation, I don’t presume to know what’s gone on in your day, or what the current situation is. I don’t ask you to forgive and let go, at least not consciously, not mentally. Instead, I guide you to direct your attention in a systematic and orderly way, to different parts around your body. This process helps to quieten your mind, directing your attention inward, away from your attendance to the external world. Peace starts on the inside, with you. Contentedness starts on the inside, with you. Happiness radiates from the inside, from you.

Peace starts on the inside, with you.

Contentedness starts on the inside, with you.

Happiness radiates from the inside, from you.

When you are calm and relaxed in body, you are operating from your parasympathetic nervous system – your ‘rest and digest’ mode. In this mode you naturally feel more forgiving, more accepting, and more deeply resilient – without even trying. When you fall asleep this way, you open the pathway to more restorative sleep, so your body and mind will undergo deeper restoration… and will awake more rested with greater vitality and clarity ready for another day.

‘Another day’ that promises a bright future, a glistening horizon, full of possibilities.

Your body knows, deep within, what you need; what you deserve. Trust it, follow my voice, and see for yourself.


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