Take time to Just Be

No makeup, unfiltered, the raw truth of a moment Just Being

I’m sitting on the couch, babes in arms, listening to the sweet sound of their breathing, feeling the sweet warmth of their skin against mine, basking in a glow of love. The rain is falling outside, but the birds are still twittering away. Other than that there is silence (not even the hum of TV from the man cave can be heard). This is what it is to Just Be.
The musings of my book are about typically universal mummy challenges. Just Being, for busy mums, is one of them. By “Just Being” I mean participating in life with intention and full engagement of your senses, mindful and fully present in the moment.
I’ll use my current situation to bring this to life:
I might not have intended the girls to have a sleep, or to fall asleep on me, but I’ve intentionally stayed here with them instead of moving them to their beds. I’m listening, feeling, watching what IS, not what NEEDS TO BE. I’m in the present, not the future.
Let me be clear: there’s plenty I COULD be doing…
I bought veg this morning to make a soup; they’re still on the bench untouched.
I put washing on this morning; it’s still in the machine waiting to be hung.
I sold my book into 3 more retailers on Friday and need to invoice them; that remains to be done.
I’d like to prepare tomorrow night’s dinner as I’m working all day tomorrow; at this rate, that may not happen.
Today, right now, the rate or pace at which I’m going is zero. And that’s perfect. I’m intentionally not hustling to get things done. If I do, I’ll miss this moment – which is not only precious to experience, but it fills me with a lovely calm and contentment. It brings to mind a quote from Nathan Condesine in my book:

The key is the distinction between “doing” and “being”.


1. to perform (an act, duty, role etc)
2. to execute (a piece or amount of work)

1. to exist or live


To me, doing is about action. Being is about soaking up all the sensations that surround your existence, right here, right now.
Stop now, and check in with yourself: have you allowed yourself time today to Just Be? If not yet, then how about now? Maybe you could take 10 minutes to have a cup of tea and savour the flavour, the warmth as it spreads from your mouth to your belly. If the kids are at you, then maybe it’s time to pause the chores and play with them. I mean really play! It doesn’t matter what you do. I’m not here to tell you exactly how – I couldn’t possibly, as I don’t know you, your situation, what senses really awaken you… I write to share ideas and tools to enrich your life and help you reclaim and restore yourself. Just Being, and using your senses, is a powerful restoration tool… speaking from experience, as I sit here still now, babes in arms, in quiet slumber, as the rain falls.

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