Rise and Shine

Yoga is a form of exercise that quiets the mind and in which practitioners understand that one must ‘look inward’ to find peace. By its very nature it is therefore grounding and centring. It will leave you feeling focused, and – together with a great attitude – it can give you a positive intention for your day.


This is a great sequence for anyone, at any time of the day. Take five minutes and do it once, or ten to fifteen minutes and do the sequence two or three times – just be sure to alternate between leading with your left and your right leg. Do whatever you can manage, and remember: something is better than nothing.


Rise to the day, Mummy and shine brightly, strongly, confidently as the wonderful mummy and woman that you are xx


Photo_Sun salutations 1

Photo_Sun salutations 2Photo_Sun salutations 3Photo_Sun salutations 4


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