The secret source of your inspiration

The most used word by readers of my book is “inspiring”; that I’m inspiring. My gorgeous friend Anna wants to feature me as an ‘Inspiring Mum’ on her blog. I’m grateful, and so humbled. But I’ve got a little secret. Let me unfold it for you…


When one is considered inspiring, it’s because they have inspired another.


verb (used with object), inspired, inspiring.

  1. to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence:
    His courage inspired his followers.
  1. to produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.):
    To inspire confidence in others.


Readers of ‘Dear Mummy, You’re Important Too’ tell me they’ve come alive and are inspired and empowered to put themselves first, to fill their cup:

“Just finished the book. Couldn’t put it down. Have to say it’s my first-ever personal development book I’ve ever read from start to finish and within 48 hours lol. Love it Tui! … Already made myself fill my cup so I could be a better mum this arvo.” – Jacqui


They tell me how they feel:

“I feel a lot more aligned and simply calmer about everything and MY STORY.” – Jo


The secret is this: you’re inspired not by me. Not ultimately. If you look a little closer – look inward – you’ll find that you’re inspired by a feeling within YOU that you always knew, but perhaps had forgotten or lost sight of or maybe didn’t feel worthy of… until now; now that you have permission. The feeling, the knowledge, that you are important too.


This core idea of Dear Mummy speaks to the heart and soul of mummies and draws out what we all want in our inner-most heart: to be recognized not just for all that we do, but for all that we are as women; to have permission to put ourselves first; to be valued by others and to better value ourselves.


These feelings and desires, when unleashed, dance – alive to possibility.


I may have brought the idea to your attention, drawn these feelings out in you, but the inspiration, divine inspiration: it’s in YOU.


So thank you all for your praise, your applause and your celebration of my achievement. I truly, deeply appreciate it; it’s a joy to hear how my book is helping mummies glow, and it fuels my motivation to keep writing. But allow me to thank YOU: for being open to a new way of thinking, to allowing me into your life through my words, to being brave and standing tall and saying ‘yes, I am important too’.


You, dear reader, with your courage in action, inspire me.




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