Why friends are your new family

Photo_steppingstones colour

I love my family: my parents and my sisters; the family I grew up with. But they’re not my everything anymore, now that I’m a grown woman myself and not living inside the 4 walls of their protection. I flew that nest long ago, and whilst I’m welcome back anytime (and go back to visit often), I’m navigating my own flight in a world with no walls, and they’re not at my home base anymore to catch me if I fall or lift me as I rise.

Our family are the rocks we return to, always there like huge immovable boulders. But our friends are rocks dotted around our world, like stepping stones, grounding us at points in our path where we may be a little unstable.

I’m delighted to have partnered with Symbio Yoghurt to bring you this musing on the role of family and friends in our lives. Read the full article here.


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